Monday, April 28, 2008 <--- Great site!!

I found such a great site for beauty tips, product reviews, etc! Viva Woman can tell you everything from the best sunscreen to use, facts about mineral makeup, product reviews on all those expensive "wrinkle reducers" and much more! I started advertising my hemp shop with them about a week ago! Here is a link to their top rated articles....enjoy :)

The Best of Viva Woman

Friday, April 18, 2008

Update: Back in Action :)

Well my hand has healed up pretty well other then the unsightly scar that runs along the bottom on my middle finger! I did have nerve damage so the majority of my middle finger is numb but Im slowly getting used to it, and of course hopeing the feeling comes back over time! We will see!
I have been very busy making new pieces and filling custom orders! While I was down I spent lots of time shopping for cool new supplies and pendants so Im really excited to use them all!! I bought a bunch of glass pendants (yep Im a glass addict) so expect to see a bunch of cool new glass coming your way in the next month or so!! Above is my favorite new piece so far! Visit my shop for all the new exciting necklaces!!