Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Out of Order All Week :(

Well due to a stupid mistake last Friday night Im out of order all week! I had to get stitches on my right hand (yep Im right handed) and I have a huge gash on the side of my finger! So Ive had my hand wrapped up all week so I cant make any new jewelry, or address any of my packages! My boyfriend has been doing it for me so that helps alot!
Its just such a frustrating feeling! And of course the shops been slow the whole week before but it picked back up as soon as this week rolled around! haha no complaints on that part! I just wish I could be a little more help with all the custom orders that have been put on hold!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

FREE hemp in March

Yep you read it right, Ill be giving away free phatty hemp anklets with every order all during March! After reading a thread in the forums a few days ago I decided to make it where the buyer has the option on the free gift, in other words they have to actually put it in their cart. I guess its working just as good. Im just a little worried someone wont read carefully and just expect the anklet! Hmmm I guess only time will tell! Until then, check em out! If youve been eyeing something in the shop, nows the time to pick it up!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Favorite of the week!

I wanted to incorporate some of my favorites into my blog, I love giving people exposure (I majored in Marketing so I cant help it) so I will be adding a "Favorite of the Week" Image to my blog every week or so!
Be sure to check out their etsy shops, you just might find something you cant live without! :)


Well I figured I would give this blogging thing a try! Ive heard so much about it in the ETSY forums I figured why not? :) I love to create, I mostly use hemp but suprisingly rarely wear it anymore so Ive ventured into beading and other types of jewelry! My favorite new piece is a gorgeous stone put onto a sterling silver necklace and topped off with one of those little sterling silver Sparrow charms everyone is using right now! Check it out HERE and let me know what you think!! I made myself one too!

Take a look at my shop! :)